Our Team Grid

Meet our brilliant minds
Rekha Shaji

She is powerful and has magic in her hands. A Yoga teacher for over 3 decades,and principle of school and NGO services for kids in India.

Bindu R
President of Finance

Finance is a stream of pure patience and smartness, With Bindu on our side we make sure that utilizations are made systamatically

Robin S
Executive Vice President of Marketing

This is how our VP dresses for annual festive programs, a honest, hard working and very intellectual mind with full of life attitude. Its fun to be around Mr Robin

( Saasha )
Vice President

Her command over language and her intelligence has made remarkable difference in the planning and executions both for the clients and the company

Tejas S
Sales & Marketing

With over 2 decade experience in retail marketing and business expansion, this x Walmart start now assists our clients to serve the market with amazing set of strategies and execution techniques

Sunder Shaji
Cost Estimator

Very mellow and a sweet person to speak with. With his national and international experience Sun is a delight officer for the clients. A friendly consultant and a sports enthusiast.